A downloadable game for Windows

Game made for the 42nd edition of the Ludum Dare.

Theme: Running out of space!

In this Bullet Hell Game, you play an evil skeleton flying in a forest in order to steal the energy of the fauna and flora.

But they won't let you act freely, while traveling you'll encounter enemies able to block your path with their magical boxes.

The game was made with Gamer Maker Studio 1.4, every pixel arts were made with GraphicsGale, the elements of the U.I. with Photoshop and the little bit of sound and music was made with Fruity Loops 12.

Install instructions

Just download the .exe file and run it !


VerdurousHarmony_JamVer.exe 11 MB
VerdurousHarmony_CleanVer.exe 11 MB

Development log


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There is now a “clean” version of the game!

Now, we have a little options menu where you can set the fullscreen yourself. After dying, you have 3 seconds of invincibility. Some bugs have been fixed. The boss is a bit harder to beat, now. :D

Thank you for testing our game !